Family Portraits

We all know that your images from your wedding day should take you right back to that moment. Imagine a scenario where you look at your family photo and remember “wow that was so easy and kind of fun”. Well I’m here to tell you, it’s possible! Every family has its own unique dynamic- trust me we get it. As your photographer, it is our job to make this portion of your wedding day go off without a hitch! Here are 5 tips to help ease this process!

1. Discuss who you want:

What is important to you, is important to us. We encourage all of our couples to spend some time with your fiance, and discuss who you truly want formal portraits with. If it’s just your immediate family + grandparents, great! If it is both sides of your family, extended family, and life long friends, great! Just discuss who you want present during this portion of the day. The more people = the more time this takes! Also, if it’s college friends, or a cousin photo - we can always wrangle people at your reception for a more candid shot

2. Make a list:

Be prepared with a family shot list for your photographer. Lists are actually helpful when calling out names. For example you might hear us say “I need the Smith family, you guys are next” 

This helps us keep it moving, and helps the process!

3. Communicate:

Let these family members know beforehand that they will stay for a few photos after the ceremony! This helps us to keep from wrangling people that wander off to cocktail hour:)

4. Designate:

Have a designated person during this time to help! Preferably someone who knows your family members and can help us know who is who.

5. Don't Stress:

And lastly, don’t stress! Give us a heads up if you are worried about anything, and let us deal with it. You shouldn’t have to worry about dynamics, posing, wrangling, lighting, etc. That’s why you hired us! We got you!